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Audition Breakdown - Actors Access

Audition Breakdown

Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Green Actors Guild. This week we are tapping into breakdowns. No, not mental breakdowns or character breakdowns (yet) but Audition Breakdowns! More specifically those EcoCast that come from Actors Access.

What is an Audition Breakdown?

What is an Audition Breakdown? Well, when a Casting Director releases a casting call and starts to request auditions, the production description is called a breakdown. It basically outlines all the required details needed for your audition and the essentials of the whole production.

What does an Audition Breakdown look like?

Below I have included an example of a recent Audition Breakdown I received from a Casting Director via AA (Actors Access). Let’s dissect the points and their meanings.

Audition Breakdown
Actors Access EcoCast Example

Eco Cast Title: Production Name:

  • The Casting Call title within Actors Access.

Breakdown Title:

  • What is the audition called. This can change at any point in pre-production.

Breakdown Left Heading:

  • Union Status -Union, Non-Union.
  • Shoot Window – How long production estimates to shoot & when the week will be to shot.
  • Run or Usage: How long this project will run within it’s designated markets ( local, regional and/or national), and any conflicts associated

Breakdown Right Heading:

  • Casting Director – Who’s encharge of finding talent for the production.
  • Start Date: When the project will start.
  • Rate of Pay: If it’s a national or regional project. The pay rate for this specific character. Typically, a day rate. This also includes buyout. A buyout is what the production will pay for the rights to your footage, i.e no residuals.
  • Location: Where this production will film.

Additional Notes: 

  • Typical logline or storyline, aka a short production summary.

Role Name: 

  • The character title you are requested to act out

Role Description: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical features – Tall, short, color hair desired, thin, heavy, athletic, etc.
  • Brief emotional detail of your character – brooding teenager, spunky best friend. This is a brief look into the character.

Casting Director: 

  • Name of Casting company and/or Casting Director

Audition Instructions:

  • Normally Slate specifications are listed here. If you need a recap over proper slate instructions, recap our previous discussion here.
  • Small script hints are added in.
  • Lines can be input here, but in most cases, you will find Sides.
  • Presence on background and camera angles will be added.

Audition Deadline:

  • When the audition is due.

Instruction Detail:

  • Acting sides – or better known as the script for your audition.

Short but Sweet!

That’s it for this week, pretty short yet pretty sweet. Audition Breakdowns are one of the most common things Actors will be sent, and knowing how to interrupt the long list of details is important for a talent’s success.

Until next week Green Actors, get in a solid acting studio and start laying the foundation for your career!

See ya next time!

Audition Breakdown – Actors Access – YouTube

5 Social Media Apps For Actors: Networking

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the Green Actors Guild! This week we are talking about my Top 5 Social Media Apps for Networking in our industry.

It is easy to be intimidated by the plethora of apps that all claim to be the best. However, since starting in this industry, I have found golden gems that have boosted my network capabilities. Let’s break these down so you can start your best networking potential!

1. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. SHOCKER! My first three recommended Networking Apps have all been around for some time. These three Social Media platforms are great for networking and branding yourself. Without going into extended detail, I will make a few tips on making your profile THAT much better.

  • Profile Pictures: This goes for every app I talk about today, honestly. Profile pictures should be your professional headshot and your most recent at that. If you do not have a headshot, a nice, clean, picture of yourself will suffice. Make sure it shows your whole face head-on, and how you want to be represented. I will go into more details on Headshots at a later date.
Professional Headshot Example
  • Bio Websites: Within each profile, there are options for personal websites. I suggest utilizing platforms such as or InstaBio, especially when first starting out. These apps allow the consolidation of multiple links under one dashboard and link. (See below for an example). Users can personalize their InstaBio and profiles through profile pictures (I used my company logo), a simple saying or bio summary (I summarized my business platform), and customizable icon links (I made sure all my Social Media titles were colored “Green”). By using the likes of or InstaBio, those who visit your Social Media platforms can find all your related links with just one click.
InstaBio Example
InstaBio Example

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn! Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows users to Like, Share, Follow, and Comment on other users’ platforms. LinkedIn focuses on professionalism, it truly centers on networking within the industry. Profiles on LinkedIn follow a resume structure. Users can add their Work Experience, Education, and even have Endorsements on Skills, from current coworkers and former colleagues, added to their profile. (see below)

LinkedIn Example
LinkedIn Profile Example

3. ClubHouse

Let’s talk about Clubhouse! This specific app has not been established long, but its benefits in networking are fantastic! This audio-only app hosts live discussions with the potential to engage in said live discussion through “raising your hand”. Users can connect with Casting Directors, Producers, Writers, other Actors, and so many other industry professionals, through hosted group meetings. NOTE: This is an invite-only platform. This means that a current member MUST provide a code for someone to join. I have many codes to offer, just shoot me a comment under my YouTube video if you need one.

Clubhouse Groups
Clubhouse Group Example

Clubhouse Profile: Profile Picture

Let’s review my suggestions for Clubhouse Profiles. Make certain, just like your other Social Media Apps, your profile picture is a headshot or a flattering photo. You never know who you will meet and the doors that could open, you always want to look your best!

Profile Picture Clubhouse
Profile Picture Example: Clubhouse

Clubhouse Profile: Details

When it comes to contact details, add your Agent Representation. If you do not have an agent yet, do not stress, just add your most used form of contact UNTIL you gain that representation.

Ensure to identify which specific talent you are interested in becoming. This includes, but is not limited to, Author, Actor, Writer, Producer, etc.

Add in your education, if applicable. Though it is not mandatory, I do recommend adding in your Alumni, as this type of information opens more networking windows for your future.

For instance, you could say: “I see you are an ASU Alumni, are you part of any ASU Alumni Groups?” to initiate a conversation without seeming like that “weirdo” of the group. It has worked wonders for me already!

Finally, your BIO. Make your bio short, sweet, to the point but yet allowing other users to see who “you are”. (see below for examples)

The Wrap

That’s it for this week on the Green Actor’s Guild. Just to recap on the major points of this week’s tips!

  1. Top 5 APPS for Networking: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Clubhouse
  2. Profile Pictures: Have a strong profile picture on all platforms. I recommend a headshot.
  3. Website Links: Each platform offers website links, use or InstaBio for these options, versus one person website.
  4. Bio: Create short-to-the-point bios that represent who you are and the brand you are trying to build.

REMEMBER! Only you can make your goals and dreams a reality. NO ONE can do this for you. Start today, get into a local acting class, and begin building the path for your future. Until next week!!

The Green Actors Guild.