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The Green Actors Guild was founded on the basis of helping new actors (green actors) lay their foundation for success in the industry. Through videos, printables and so much more, we believe our structure will help those actors who struggle for answers in an intimidating industry.

We hope you find the GAG ( no laughing now) a safe place to grow and thrive as a talent. So, take a look around, and be sure to reach out with any industry questions you may have!

Welcome to The Green Actors Guild!

Character Development

What is a Character Breakdown?

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Green Actors Guild. This week, we are talking about Breakdowns, again. No not mental breakdowns but Character Breakdowns. Let’s get it! Character Breakdowns… Ok, so we have gone over slate details and we have gone over Audition Breakdowns, but what about the Character? More specifically, the Character …

Audition Breakdown - Actors Access

Audition Breakdown

Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Green Actors Guild. This week we are tapping into breakdowns. No, not mental breakdowns or character breakdowns (yet) but Audition Breakdowns! More specifically those EcoCast that come from Actors Access. What is an Audition Breakdown? What is an Audition Breakdown? Well, when a Casting …

How to Slate

PLEASE SLATE – What the?

Welcome back! Let’s talk about slating. Well for starters, what is a Slate? In simple terms, when actors a slate, they are providing a brief introduction of themselves before diving into the audition. Here is what I mean. You Booked an Audition…Now What? So you booked an auction? Perfect! That …

The Moment Before Journal

The Moment Before Journal helps actors learn Character Development. With each role, actors can document gig details of Director Names, Character Descriptions, Character Backstories, and identifying the Moments Before.