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As a Green Actor, finding Talent representation can be overwhelming when you have no clue where to start! This week, we focus on key tips to finding representation in your local market.


For Starters, know your market! In Texas, we are considered to be a Commercial Based market. This means most of our auditions are for regional commercials. Yes, large productions film in the South Central Region (Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas) but most of these auditions fall to talents with a developed marketing package. Market packages consist of Headshots, Resumes, Reels, and Cover letters. We will discuss these at a later time. So, know your market and the type of auditions to expect from your local talent agent.


Next, know which talent you want to be! There are so many avenues to the Film Industry, most think it just acting, directing, or writing. While these are some of the main categories, there are many different sectors to the industry. Such as Writing, Directing, Producing, Choreography, Stunts, Dancing, Acting, and more. Know which types of talents your agency of interest represents. It is also important to note their affiliations. See if the agency works with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Writers Guild of America (WGA), Directors Guild of America, (DGA), just to name a few.


Now it’s time to research agencies! Backstage is a great tool for not only auditions but industry references! I have linked their page for industry talent agents. Here, they have consolidated all the agencies, identified their afflictions, the types of submissions they require, and the talent they represent. Review this list and identify which agencies you qualify for and which ones you do not qualify for. Many times, you can decide your qualifications based on submission requests.

Agency list

4. PICK 5:

After reviewing the list from Backstage, identify 5 agencies you want to submit for. You can always increase this number based on responses from Talent Agents. Some agencies will respond yes or no, but the majority of the time if an agent is not interested, they will send NO response. Do not take this to heart, it just means they are not looking for your specific talent at that time.

Remember: Pick these agencies based on current qualifications.


Once you have identified your Top 5 Agencies, head to their website and find their submissions link. Although Backstage has identified each agency’s requirements, it is always good practice to double-check. The most common marketing packages agencies look for are Headshot, Resume, Reel. Other’s will require a Cover letter, Voice Over Reel, Letter of Recommendation. Do not let this stress you out. Focus on the materials you can provide, for the agencies you qualify with. If a specific agency is wanting a master marketing submission, push it aside for a later date. Just because you do not qualify for them now, does not mean you can work towards their qualifications.

Remember: The Agency you sign with now does not have to be your representation a year or two years down the line. Gain that experience, gain that credit and aim for a higher leveled agency. You want to excel in your career, not stay stagnant.

That’s it for the week! Make sure to check out our shop for our Character Development Journals.